Music, Sunsets, and a Goat

Another few uneventful days. I’m not always doing things like hiking the Camino de Santiago. We do have a quick trip coming up on Monday so there’s that.

 Some nice light on a little beach shack/bathroom and walkway to the water.

I saw this couple walking this goat, along with their dog, last year and wondered who in the world would walk a goat. I had questions like did they let it in the house, did it eat their curtains, was the landscaping destroyed? I finally saw the goat a second time and this time I had my iPhone and took this rather bad photo from across the street into the sun. I didn’t think anyone would believe it. I put this photo up on Instagram and a lady who actually owns a farm told me that goats can be very dog-like. I had no idea. I remember once that my ex got a friend a surprise goat as a really badbirthday present saying, “Goats will eat anything, even the net going across tennis courts”, which this guy had. I never found out what happened with the goat afterwards but was told that goats won’t eat everything, maybe just flowers. Anyway, I am still enchanted with a goat you can take for a walk.

 Wednesday, the day of Summer Solstice and in France, and other parts of Europe, music is found all over the place. Even our little village had four or five bands playing. I liked this sign in our local boulangerie toting it.

We rode our bikes down to a restaurant which had a band playing and Maurice ordered ice cream and I got a pina colada which turned out to be huge and we watched the sun set while a band played old jazz.

Pretty good sunset too.


It has been really hot in France the last couple of days-95 degrees-too hot to be out except in the early morning. One night I slept with the ceiling fan on along with a floor fan. I hate it when the sheets are hot. We don’t have air conditioning here. We usually don’t need it. We just open windows on either side of our apartment, turn on the ceiling fans and we are comfortable. With the heat came a strange invasion of flying bugs, mostly gnat sized. They were all over my floor so I vacuumed them up and by the afternoon my floor looked the same as it had earlier. There was also a ton of lady bugs flying in the air, landing on our windows and terrace. I don’t know if it was the heat that caused this or if it was one of those mating things. Well,  I survived and the temperature dropped ten degrees  and I have some photos, not of bugs, but around our village.

There are lots of walls and doors along the beach for, I’m sure, privacy. I always take a look when a door happens to be open. This looks like a neat yard.

Not the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. I saw this same dog last year. It looks over the fence, not barking, not interested in people. I think it’s looking for other dogs. It looks like it is getting gray.

The markets here have lots of fresh food like this mountain of green beans. I always think it’s nice to see them this way instead of wrapped in plastic..

An unusual sunset the other night. I try to look at each one every evening.

This and That

Another few days with nothing special going on, mostly just everyday life but I always have some photos.

I put this photo on my blog a couple of days ago. This lady was an extra, more of just background, in a movie being filmed in our village. My thought was hoping she had sunscreen on.

Then the next day there were about twenty umbrellas set up not too far from our apartment for more filming. They first used the walking path that runs in front of our place and I was leaning over our balcony watching three people, extras, strolling along when I realized they were nude. Two men and a woman. I was wondering what sort of movie this was going to be. Sure, the French are known for topless women on the beach and, I guess, in their movies too, but this seemed strange to me. We found out that it was set in the 80’s and would be about the conservation movement. I don’t know if nudity was a part of that or not. Maurice laughed at me looking and being shocked but he said it also made him uncomfortable to tell the truth. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for movies on TV3 dealing with conservation in the months to come. In the end there must have been 30 or so naked people lying or sitting under those umbrellas. Did they hire a bunch of nudists or were these just actors? I guess I will never know. It was a chilly day but sunny and they all left at the end of the day very tanned and probably sunburned too.

I saw this painted on a wall on a side street of our village. Those fishing shacks are common around here.

A neighbor who doesn’t live here in our building full time and who has cherry trees at his other place came to our door with a big box of cherries and asked if we wanted them. Of course we did! Cherries are my favorite fruit. It’s so nice to buy them at this time of year. With so many I decided to make a cherry clafouti, a French dessert very easy to make. It tastes so good when warm out of the oven. I had it for breakfast the next day. It contains eggs, milk and fruit so that counts as a healthy breakfast, right?

I put my foot next to this jellyfish washed up on the beach to show the size of it. This is the main reason I never get in the water here.

A pretty sunset the other evening.

Back at the Beach

 We have arrived at our beach place ready to see what summer has in store for us.

We arrived at the la Rochelle train station which looks very castle like. Our trip is a little over three hours from Paris.

Our very first night I ran out to the beach to get some photos as the sun set. I love the sun shining through the beach fence.

The sunset through the fence.

And, finally, the sunset. They usually aren’t this spectacular in the Spring as I recall. There is no filter with this photo either, this is just how it looked, filling our living room with scarlet light.


There was very little to do on Meeru, our island in the Maldives. They had some live music some nights but no loud music with dancing, no nightclub type action. We sat and had a drink every night to watch the sun set and ate more than we should have. They had an enormous buffet for each meal and it was hard not to try everything. There wasn’t fish every day as I thought there would be. They always had something which the English would like such as lamb or beef with potatoes and steamed veggies. There was always Indian food which was too spicy for me and I ate a lot of Chinese food. I should never have passed by the desserts because I discovered that they made a fantastic smooth and silky mousse which I had twice a day. Dessert twice a day is not a good thing for the waist line.

Our room was on stilts right on the water and there were lights illuminating the water each night. I was very surprised to look down and see a shark. It, and the others I saw, turned out to be Black Tipped Sharks, reef sharks, which aren’t dangerous. I saw sharks all of the time along raised walkways. When we snorkelled I always looked for them but never saw one.

We saw this sting ray too but never up close while actually in the water. We snorkelled every say, sometimes off a boat by a reef and sometimes right by the spa which was full of fish.

I was surprised to see this egret on the shore. I thought they hung out in still water. There were actually very few birds on the island. I heard one at night in the trees, I saw three rather large bats fly overhead as the sun set, and only one sandpiper. I expected lots of birds and wondered why there were so few. We never saw dogs or cats either.

It only rained once while we were there, and only for the morning. November is their most rainy month, monsoon type rains from what I read.

Of course, there were those tropical sunsets. This one is actually the glow on the other side of the island on the east side.

This and That at the Beach

Some places and things seen around here at the beach.

IMG_1161[1] A God’s Eye sunset.

IMG_1252[1] A very heavily decorated house near us. Shells and driftwood figures all of the place but I liked it.

IMG_1170[1] Sunrise, beach fence, sand and water.

IMG_1187[1] I bought a bouquet of these roses at our market. They may be what is call Japanese roses, I’m not sure.

IMG_1256[1] A cocktail on the terrace as the sun goes down.

IMG_1260[1] Some fruity ice tea at a new tea and coffee place on rue de Marche. Not enough ice-there never is in France-but very refreshing.