This and That in Paris

A mix of photos here and there in Paris:

This is a window of a cabaret on a little street off of Rue du Buci. Round and red, always eye catching.

Fragrant mimosa for sale-a herald of Spring along with daffodils.

Eye catching cafe tables and chairs with the obligatory ash trays. I seldom sit outside because of smokers.

I’m always taken by waiters with vests and ties and those long white aprons.

This and That

This and that seen in the Marais:

Some samples of lotion on the outside of a shop selling it. I always try lotion samples.

I guess you could call this grafitti although it’s made of moss.

This cafe’s speciality is foie gras. They had all sorts of dishes featuring it. Didn’t eat there but the menu looked good and the owners seemed really nice.

I liked this display of scarves tied around a pole in a clothing store.

If you like loose clothing with that hippy look, this is the place for you. Rather expensive though.

Cute window display.

This and That

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas. My son and his family are here from Switzerland and it’s always nice to have children around with their excitement for the holidays.
Please note the advertisement to the right of a place to stay in Paris. It’s from Lisa and her apartment to rent up in Montmartre. I think renting an apartment in Paris is a great way to visit Paris.

Here is a posting I made a week before Christmas:

A few things photographed as I wandered around looking for Christmas windows and decorations:

I don’t know if you can tell, but these Christmas trees are flat which would be ideal for our apartment as we don’t have much room for a tree. I don’t know if I could get Maurice to go for it though. He’s very traditional.

Tangerines are always for sale around Christmas.

Nothing to do with Christmas but this interesting statue near St Germain Blvd. was done by the same man who designed the César statue for the French movie awards, César Baldaccini.

Large sign of a watch above Swatch shop. I wonder if they made one like it?

More This and That

I’m out of the country across the channel in England, Cornwall to be exact. I hope I can post some photos from there but just in case, I saved some photos from here and there around Paris.

I saw this sweet little cat on top of a car in the Marais. He loved the sun and posing for me.

This frame was put on a wall by the Canal St Martin with a note asking for people to take a photo in front of it and send it in to an email address. I found the grafitti artists on line but couldn’t find any photos taken there.

The Costes Hotel now has a fragrance shop with roses behind water filled circles which made a great photo.

I saw this on the side of a Hausmann style building. Usually there is just the name and date of the architect but in this case there was also the architect tool and a flower which I liked.

There was a pigeon across the courtyard from our bedroom which laid some eggs in a next she and her mate made. She sat on it day and night for the usual 18 days but they never hatched for some reason. I wasn’t looking forward to the noise the birds would have made but I would have liked to have seen the mother feeding them.