Looking Around Père Lachaise

When I was at Père Lachaise Cemetery taking a photo of Oscar Wilde’s tomb I walked around a bit taking photos of other tombs.

img_2637 The sun was about an hour from setting and there was great winter light.

img_2640 This pretty stained glass madonna was in a tomb right behind Wilde’s.

img_2642 This was on a tomb right next to Wilde’s. I didn’t check out the person but it looks like he was a writer for magazines or papers maybe.

img_2644 I wish the figure had been in the sun. Sort of spooky in a way.

img_2645 This is Victor Noir who has become a fertility symbol. Women rub his mouth and his “privates” and leave flowers hoping to have a baby. He was shot in a duel by a relative of Napoleon III in a dispute over an article in a newspaper that Noir had written.

img_2648 The view from the end. He looks all dressed for the opera, top hat and all.


Halloween is called Toussaint here in France which is All Saints Day. It is a custom to go to the cemetery where loved ones lie and place flowers and clean up the tomb a bit. I went into Perl Lachaise on November first, a beautiful day, as there are always flowers everywhere, usually mums. Lots of autumn leaves too.

img_2185 The main entrance was lined with chrysanthemums.

img_2182 Many tombs had them too.

img_2200 Beautiful flower bed.

img_2188 Sleeping in the sun-so to speak.

img_2197 Chopin’s tomb always has many visitors leaving flowers and candles.

img_2209 The tomb of a well known classical piano player.

img_2205 Another shot of leaves in the foreground.

A Small Cemetery

I often stop by the Saint Vincent Cemetery, a very small cemetery up in Montmartre that is the final resting place for locals. I have to say that it is looking a bit shabby lately. It used to be pristine with no weeds and the trees all trimmed. In any case, the tombs look the same.

img_1866 It’s hard to make this out with the angle of the sun but this is the window in a “house” with the occupants, two married poets, looking out.

img_1867 All of the leaves on this tomb will be bright red in a few weeks.

img_1868 Artist, Utrillo and his mother, are buried here.

img_1869 This tomb is looking worn. Maybe the family isn’t around anymore to pay for upkeep.

img_1872 Maybe thoughts of cemeteries depress you so here is a photo to brighten your day. Loved the teeth.

Père Lachaise Cemetery

We had lunch the other day with Maurice’s sister and afterwards walked around the Père Lachaise Cemetery. It was a sunny, warm day and it was great to walk around and I always get information I didn’t know about various people buried there when I am with a French person.

It’s starting to look like Autumn with some leaves in the gutters.

Nine out of ten people roaming around there seem to be looking for the tomb of Jim Morrisson, I don’t know why.

I’m pretty sure this guy was looking for it.

This lady was painted gold a few years ago.

Someone put some roses in this statue’s hands.

The tomb of Chopin who, by the way, was half French.

Sort of strange metallic carving on a tomb.

This hasn’t been touched in a very long time.

Pet Cemetery

Out in the suburbs of Paris you will find a little pet cemetery full of beloved pets, not just dogs and cats, but a few other animals such as a monkey, a rabbit and a chicken. It is a sad and sweet place and two ladies with me cried the whole time while there.

The front gate.

The tomb of a Saint Bernard that saved the lives of 40 people, dying after the 41st.

A bit over the top.

The two beloved dogs of a princess.

The famous Rin Tin Tin who was brought from France as a puppy by a soldier and later became the famous star of film.

I liked this one. Many of the tombs are old and starting to disintegrate. The cemetery was first built at the end of the 1800’s.

Maybe some carnival decorations? There were many Christmas decorations still on tombs too.

A much visited grave.

A Cold Walk

A very dear friend of mine is here in Paris. We set out to Montmartre the other day and I wore my light winter jacket which turned out to be a mistake and I just about froze to death before I got home. It barely got above freezing all day. I survived however and we had an interesting walk through the Montmartre cemetery as we headed toward the metro.

A grandiose tomb devoted to the Polish who died in war.

A very unusual family tomb. Note the leaden gray skies.

I took her to see this tomb of Dalida, a famous French pop singer who lived in Montmartre. She was actually from Egypt.

This is the tomb of the famous cancan dancer painted by Toulouse Lautrec.

I took this one because the flower looked so yellow against the gray statue. It’s a bit out of focus. I think I will have to get a new IPhone soon.

By the time we got to the metro it was dark and it was nice to see the Moulin Rouge lit up at night.