More photos from Palais Royal.

Those manicured mulberry trees. The leaves are really soft right now. They were originally  planted as food for silk worms but are now just to look at and add to the beauty of the garden.

As you enter from Rue de Rivoli you see the art of Daniel Buren. They are always being used by visitors as you can see here.

As little tables for lunch or

Or to climb on.

Here is an area underneath. I don’t know why there is water.

And you can go right across the street to the Louvre.

Out and About

I left my hibernation in our apartment on a chilly day with a cold wind (but sun!) and finally got some new photos. My blog has become like a fun part time, unpaid job and I feel a commitment to get out and look around where ever I happen to be. I took line 1 from our apartment in a straight shot to Palais Royal, always a beautiful place.

 There I find one of my favorite fountains, one of two.

The lines of trees there now have their leaves ready for the summer.

If it had been warmer, these seats would have been full. There used to be large glass houses in this square and it was a place men went to pick up prostitutes. It is certainly different now.

When I left for the States two weeks ago the red buds and magnolias were in bloom. They are now gone and the chestnut trees has started with either pink or white flowers. Roses aren’t far behind.

Here and There

The wisteria is starting to bloom. I love the look and the fragrance. I’ve read that it takes 7 to 8 years for them to start blooming after being planted.

This restaurant always has a great display of wisteria. It’s called Au Vieux Paris. It has a very interesting interior but I’m not sure about the food.

A different view.

Not too far from Notre Dame is the beautiful Place Dauphine. Last year I was able to get a photo of these trees blooming with flowers but I was too late this year. It’s a really lovely place I wouldn’t mind having an apartment overlooking those trees.

Love seeing tulips blooming. They seem more special because they are only there a short time.

Such great architecture.

Palais Royal in the Sun

On a beautiful day Palais Royal was full of people, like this lady with her bike.

The tulips are doing their thing.

Everyone was taking in the sun, except me who stays in the shade as much as possible.

The trees are now covered in green leaves.

Autumn in a Park

I love finding signs of Autumn in Paris. One of the best places is in the Luxembourg Gardens. They had mums planted everywhere but they weren’t blooming yet, maybe needed another couple of weeks to start. I did find some trees changing color, one of my favorite things.

The sun was shining and the shadows of the trees in the park looked dramatic.

Someone enjoying the sun. People were all over the park sitting in the sun. It can be rare to see sun in Paris.

There is a Statue of Liberty there and I was trying to get the yellow tree in the photo too.

The Luxembourg Palace is there with a pond in front. This is where the Senate meets.

The Medici fountain.

Along side the fountain.

Reflections of tree in the water.

Christmas Songs and Christmas Trees

It has slowly come to my attention that the French don’t do Christmas songs, at least no where on the scale of America. I play Christmas songs here on my Internet radio because that’s something I miss. I noticed that the song, Let It Snow, being sung by Dean Martin was the music for a French TV commercial and hear Perry Como singing The Christmas song in the background (along with many others) when I’m at the grocery store. My daughter in law had an English Christmas CD playing when we were over at her place recently and I asked if the French did contemporary Christmas songs and she said, “Not really”. It just made me realize what a big part Christmas music played for me in the States, especially growing up with Gene Autry singing, Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer or Brenda Lee Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Of course, by the time the holiday season is over, I’m more than glad to go another year without hearing Christmas music again.

I see ordinary pine trees for sale here in Paris but I also sure do see a lot of flocked trees. My daughter in law has a turquoise flocked tree-very dramatic. We aren’t getting a tree this year as we will be in Switzerland for Christmas. I don’t mind though. I like the look and fragrance of Christmas trees but, man, do I hate cleaning up afterwards. All I have put out are some fake candles that look like they are flickering. You know, I usually get the blues during the Christmas season. I’m wondering if it’s the lack of sunlight but, in any case, I don’t have them this year for what ever reason. Maybe it’s because a new grandbaby is coming.

So, back to Christmas trees. All of the flower shops in Paris seem to sell them. Here is one of those flocked trees along with some nice flowers.

Another one in the window with pink decorations.

I did a video of the Christmas market on the Champs Elysees which I am unable to embed so if you want to see it you will have to copy and paste into

Next door to the flower shop is this very nice restaurant called le Fumoir. I loved the interior. Maybe they once sold and smoked cigars there.

The painting on the wall, all art deco which I love.