As I’m often saying, sunny days in Paris in the winter (almost Spring) can be gray and cloudy so when the sun comes out, so do Parisians, and tourists too. Last weekend it rained almost continually but this one turned out to be great with temperatures in the 60’s and I didn’t even need my coat.

We walked into the Tuleries Garden. Maurice isn’t fond of the ferris wheel but I find it very photogenic.

 Here it is further into the garden. It’s not there all of the time and at Christmas it’s even in a different place.

Just look at all of those people enjoying the sun.

A look at the ferris when from the other end of the garden, the Louvre end.

On the way back there were some musicians playing and a little girl danced even though it wasn’t rock and roll but Vivaldi.

Around Concorde

Place de la Concorde is a huge area. I’m not in that part of Paris too often but got out the other day before rain was expected to take a few photos and explore.

img_1993 The Crillon Hotel is still under going renovation but covered with nice paintings to hide anything unsightly.

img_1995 I saw these in a store window selling expensive clothing. I wonder if I will ever see someone wearing a pair on the street?

img_1996 La Madeleine Church. They have a lot of concerts there.

img_2001 Place de la Concorde with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

img_2009 Autumn in the Tuleries Garden.

img_2014 I saw a photo something  like this on Instagram and tried it myself by putting my iPhone on the ground and leaning over to take the photo. It’s neat to see the leaves up close I think.

From On High

I had to get on the ferris wheel in the Tuleries garden before it left town and finally made it. It cost 8 Euros for adults which I though was a bit steep but did it anyway talking just one grandson with me at 5 Euros.

Down below waiting to get on.

A view of the pyramid at the nearby Louvre.

Nice view of the Garnier Opera House.

Sacre Coeur in the distance.

Looking down Rue de Rivoli and the carnival.

And The Sun Sets

Sunsets are really late here in France in the Summer, after 10 PM and it’s not truly dark until later. Some photos around the Tuleries Garden when we were there and as we left.

A soft pink sky.

The ferris wheel lit up with the Louvre to the right.

The pyramid at the Louvre.

The sun coming through the small Arc there.

Yet one more photo of the ferris wheel.

The covered passages along Rue de Rivoli.

A well lit building at Palais Royal.

Dinner in the Park

When the two month fete with its ferris wheel and other rides arrives at Tuleries, there is also a restaurant that is set up as well. My daughter in law said she comes here at least once a week while it’s here.

It is set up here, just past the ferris wheel.

It’s a tent, but one with chandeliers and many tables open to the outside.

They had roses too.

And look what we had-roasted beef served on a platter. It was really good.

A little further on from the restaurant, a section of the Louvre Museum glowed in the setting sun.

There was a TV there showing the Soccer World Cup and Spain won. A duo from Spain was there playing great Spanish songs and when Spain won there was dancing and cheering as you can see.

Tuleries Garden

I’m not usually a fan of the Tuleries Garden. It just doesn’t seem to have enough trees or flowers like you find at the Luxembourg Garden and your shoes always end up coated with dust when you walk there but I was there on a Sunday evening and had a great time.

I thought the metro stop seemed really full and this was why-a fair or fete is underway for two months.

Small sail boats are rented here-two euros for thirty minutes-to sail on a fountain.

Children, usually little boys, are given a stick and they push the boat which works amazingly well, catching the slightest breeze and zooming across the fountain.

At one end of the garden is the Louvre Museum, at the other the obelisk at Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe further on, with a glimpse of the Arc at la Defense.