It’s I have made a quick trip to Dallas to visit family. While there we made a trip to the historic town of Grapevine (known as the Christmas Capital of Texas) to check out their farmers market. It was small but had all sorts of things.

The city hall had this nice sculpture at the top above the clock.

They have a windmill too.

It is pumpkin season as you can see.

And look at these great baskets of fruit and veggies. All grown locally.


It has been really hot in France the last couple of days-95 degrees-too hot to be out except in the early morning. One night I slept with the ceiling fan on along with a floor fan. I hate it when the sheets are hot. We don’t have air conditioning here. We usually don’t need it. We just open windows on either side of our apartment, turn on the ceiling fans and we are comfortable. With the heat came a strange invasion of flying bugs, mostly gnat sized. They were all over my floor so I vacuumed them up and by the afternoon my floor looked the same as it had earlier. There was also a ton of lady bugs flying in the air, landing on our windows and terrace. I don’t know if it was the heat that caused this or if it was one of those mating things. Well,  I survived and the temperature dropped ten degrees  and I have some photos, not of bugs, but around our village.

There are lots of walls and doors along the beach for, I’m sure, privacy. I always take a look when a door happens to be open. This looks like a neat yard.

Not the prettiest dog I’ve ever seen. I saw this same dog last year. It looks over the fence, not barking, not interested in people. I think it’s looking for other dogs. It looks like it is getting gray.

The markets here have lots of fresh food like this mountain of green beans. I always think it’s nice to see them this way instead of wrapped in plastic..

An unusual sunset the other night. I try to look at each one every evening.

Market Day

It’s always a pleasure to hop on our bikes and head to our market a few blocks away from our apartment. During the summer it gets really large and the street is blocked off for blocks. Food isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to photograph but I do it anyway.

The cherry season seems to be over but the melons are abundant and are very juicy and sweet.

I hadn’t seen this lady before with her huge pans of creole food. I didn’t get any even though it looked really good as it is usually too spicy for me.

Veggies all lined up.

Potatoes only grown on Ile de Re, a nearby island. They are usually a little pricy and, to tell the truth, I can’t taste the difference between them and the usual potato.

A canine helper in the fresh flower booth. The other day I saw a lady walking her dog-without a leash, something I was never able to master with my dogs-and her cat was also on a walk with them. The cat didn’t look happy or relaxed, just determined not to be left behind.