Views and Paintings

It’s hard to beat a stroll through the Orsay Museum, once a train station that they had to foresight to preserve and use.

A look down at the main gallery from up above. You can see that it was once a train station.

You can see Sacre Coeur on top of Montmartre from various windows.

I love the color of the dresses on these dancer by Degas.

Lots of sculptures to see.

That beautiful clock.


White Sands

In southern New Mexico is the White Sands Monument. I remember going there as a child as I was raised in New Mexico and it is a special place. It’s known by some for the site of the first atom bomb detonation in its northern section. The sand is made of gypsum which normally dissolves in water but due to several factors remains.  It doesn’t retain heat like those sun soaked beaches that you have to race across but is cool to the feel even on the hottest summer day. We were there on a cool day and our feet got cold actually as we walked around with bare feet

We started seeing the yucca plants as we got near White Sands. These were in front of the visator center.

That is the white sands in the background. Notice all of the footprints and the trails left by people sliding down the hills on metal saucers. I had hoped to get some photos of pristine sand dunes but it would have required more of a hike than we were up to.

The light wasn’t the best but we got some great skies.

I found a bit of sand that hadn’t been walked on.

A closeup.

Looks like snow.

High Line

The High Line in New York City, a reclaimed railroad track, is a very popular site. It’s full of tourists and locals walking high above the city getting great views of New York. I like the Promenade Plantée in Paris better, mainly because of the plants and flowers, but it is still unique and interesting.


A look at the walkway.


A glimpse of the Empire State Building. I saw the Statue of Liberty too.


I looked for some but never saw any.

image We did see this however. It was very lifelike and I wondered if it was a man but there was no movement. Art of a sort I guess.

image The setting sun.

image There was a Samsung store on the street below the High Line which was rather like an Apple store with people to help, products for sale, and even a cafe. They were promoting those new digital reality eyepieces. This was one being done down below on a stage. We tried one in special seats and “saw” elephants approaching, dinasaurs running, etc. Very cool.

Goodbye to Ibiza

A few photos taken here and there while in Ibiza, mostly on our last day.

img_1717 A night shot. As you can see, going to Dalt Vila, the top of Ibiza Town, is a cardiac workout.

img_1724 We had drinks here one night where the tables were set up on the steps. There were very low bean bag chairs and couches and I really had a struggle to get up at the end.

img_1729 We ate at a very good Thai restaurant while there-outside under the stars.

img_1739 Seen on a stroll around the harbor, a yacht, just a humble thing. This was the largest we saw. I always suspect Mafia money when I see these.

img_1749 A view from the back side of Ibiza Town. This was from the home of a famous architect, new to me, named Broner. He designed it and the furniture inside. It was very simple, really, with windows everywhere with light and views, and, of course, a patio at the top.

img_1757 The local market in what looks rather like a Greek temple.

img_1727 A rainbow to bid us adieu.

This and That in Venice

Here are a few more photos from our fabulous week in Venice. We had such a great, relaxing time.

Huge, gorgeous painting by Titan of the assumption of Mary in the Frari Church. There was another one there by him too.

These were for sale in an interesting shop. They were used to show perspective buyers a dress in a miniature size. They were called “French Puppets”.

A dog dressed up for Carnival.

A very loud party was going on behind our apartment in a lighted courtyard. If you look closely you will see a guy on stilts outside the door. He was checking invitations-so I wasn’t able to sneak in and get a look.

The gorgeous ceiling of the Academia Museum.

A statue being renovated in a museum. I’m glad they let us watch.

An old painting showing Carnival in times past. You can see a really elaborate boat for royalty and people dressed in costume. I love seeing things like this showing life as it once was.

Just an iconic look at another canal and bridge in a part of Venice not visited much.

Exploring Venice

There’s nothing better than exploring Venice. I think one of the best parts is that there is no waiting at corners for a pedestrian light so you can cross the street, no buses, cars or motorbikes to dodge or hear, only bridges to cross, narrow lanes to get lost in, and interesting squares here and there. I’ve been before but I am enchanted each time.

We arrived on a rainy and gray day and this was the first photo I took. Gondolas are always photogenic.

We had a really great apartment on the Dorsoduro side of Venice and had this view. We sat and just looked at the church all the time and it was great for people watching too.

A trip on a vaporetto down the Grand Canal gives you fabulous views.

A lovely canal.

Entry to an alley taking us to the vaporetto stop each day.

Saint Marc Square from the water. You have to go there to see this fabulous place but it is always packed with people so I tended to go elsewhere when I could. Many of the people in costumes were here.

The beautiful church dome there.

A reflection in a mirror of a street.

A great church in a square.