A Walk

I do a lot of walking in Paris. It’s the best way to see a city I think. On this day I took an Internet friend, Susan, and her husband around the Marais. They both like photography and this area of Paris is full of photo ops.

Rain was in the forecast  but we never got any as you can see by the blue sky and light.

An ancient sculpted sign advertising a business that was luckily not covered up.

This painted door has been in the Village Saint Paul for years. I’m so glad it has escaped graffiti damage. It was one of the first things to catch my eye when I walked in the Marais many years ago.

You can find this little antique shop on a small street outside the Village Saint Paul.

The shop had a little cat on the premises which got outside to drink water from the street. Why drink clean water from a bowl when you can get it in a dirty gutter? My cat was the same, drinking water from my plants rather than from his water dish.

Marais Architecture

On a Saturday with sun and rain said to be on the way, I got out to walk around the Marais. It is full of ancient architecture.

An old street sign back when names were carved into walls. The Marais is now in the fourth arrondissement, not the twelfth.

My favorite door.

There is a great castle there. It is undergoing renovation and I look forward to seeing the inside.

Inside what is called Village Saint Paul. It was once full of antique shops but only a few remain now.

The walkway to the street.

See the wooden shutter looking squares under the windows? There used to be little spaces behind these where people put their milk and other objects to keep cool before refrigerators. Our place has one that was open to the air and which we covered to keep out cold or heat or bugs. When we didn’t have a refrigerator for a week I was putting things out on our window ledge to keep them relatively cool.

Around the Marais

The Marais has long been one of my favorite areas of Paris. Here are a few photos I took the other day.

img_2342 There are lots of beautiful windows to be seen but they are really special with autumn touched vines.

img_2350 The Village Saint Paul is always interesting to walk around. Very quiet and sort of lost in time.

img_2351 This painted wall and door in one of the shops caught my eye.

img_2353 This box was in an antique shop too. I’m not sure what it once contained-maybe powder?-but I like the colors and design.

img_2356 The window of a florist.

img_2354 Isn’t this a great corner?

Village Saint Paul

The Marais district of Paris is a very interesting one. The sun was out the other day and it was so warm that I ended up carrying my sweater and I redid the walk I do when showing people around this area.

I always take this alley when I leave the metro at the Saint Paul stop.

This grafitti was there on the wall. The artist makes a mold of his face then decorates it.

I love this elegant door.

Just your every day castle right there in the middle of resident buildings. It’s newly cleaned.

In the enormous “courtyard” called the Village Saint Paul you can find little antique shops and restaurants. This door has been there for a long time. I like it because it’s a door decorated as a garden door. I also wonder if someone will cover it up one day.

A beautiful grafitti there. I’ve seen something similar in other places in Paris.

See those shutters underneath the windows? We used to have the same thing under our kitchen window. They let air in to keep things like milk and butter cool before the days of refrigerators. Ours also let in dust and bugs so we eventually sealed it off.