The Way Back

Returning to our humble abode, we made a couple of stops outside of Salisbury.

Wiltshire White Horse. There are at least twenty-four of these hill figures in Britain, with thirteen being in Wiltshire, and another white horse, the oldest of them all, being just over the border in Oxfordshire. Most of the white horses are chalk hill carvings, and the chalk downs of central Wiltshire make it an ideal place for such figures. I’m not sure why they did this. One of them is really ancient, the rest more of what I would think of as a “folly”. Just someone trying to put something unusual out there. Interesting to be driving along and see one on a hill.

These are called the Avebury Stones, found nearby the more famous Stonehenge. These are much less touristy with people able to walk around and get up close, making sure not to step in Sheep doo, as sheep are busy here grazing.

A closer view.

Avebury Manor. We took a tour. It was pretty bare and didn’t look like a very warm and inviting place to live but it does have people who currently do. The gardens were the best part. At one time there were fruit trees and vegetable gardens and sheep and pigs and was fully self contained.