Colorful Street

A short walk from the Gare de Lyon is the colourful rue Cremieux, very popular on Instagram. In fact, we met four girls while there who were taking photos for Instagram. We joined them.

On the way there we passed this entrance to a hotel. There was another typical  hotel entrance next to it. I don’t know where this door goes to. I liked the painted trees there. One of the pipes isn’t real either but painted to look like the actual one, Trompe l’oeil as the French say.

Here we are at colourful Rue Cremieux and look!!! Blue sky! I’ve posted on this street before but here you are again.

A little wysteria even when it isn’t the season for it.

Painted bird with shadow, window too.

Jumping cat. I don’t know who came up with the idea to paint the exteriors but I do like it.




Back in Paris

It seemed strange for a little while to be back in Paris after our wonderful month in Venice. The traffic sounds loud, the streets don’t seem as clean and there is just much more going on. But, hey, it’s Paris. I’m sure I’ll adjust.

Paris, and most of the rest of Europe got snow. This photo was taken from a doctor’s office.

This gives you an idea of just how much snow fell.

When we got back there was no food in our refrigerator, in fact, our refrigerator had stopped working and we had to buy a new one after only six years. So we headed out to a café in our neighbourhood which has this really great floor.

Maurice ordered this lamb dish. Doesn’t it look good? He really liked it.

A man working there was madly shucking oysters. I never saw him not doing so.

We went for a walk afterwards. I was really taken by the light.


Paris can be very colorful.

Flowers for sale, always tempting.

Many metro stops are colorful. This is Gare de Lyon.

Vegetables loaded with color. That’s lavender cauliflower right past the zucchini.

Olives for sale over a beautiful floor.


We were sad to leave Venice after our month stay. It really is a special beautiful city.

On my last day I went on a search for this statue of an angel with an elephant. They aren’t sure about the history of this sculpture but say it was done in the 1700’s. It was in the courtyard of the police and the elephant is said to represent strength and prudence so maybe that’s why it’s there. Notice the lion paws. The symbol of Venice is the lion so I think this is why.

A little humour-perhaps having something to do with the high water problem Venice is having.

I saw many shops selling really lovely paper and paper products like this tiny gondola.

Maurice and I went out to the beautiful Venice cemetery one day, very large and peaceful, and found the tomb of Stravinky. Ezra Pound is also buried there but I couldn’t find his tomb. I don’t know much about him but I read he was very controversial. He died in Venice.

On my last day I also went to the Russian Orthodox church but it was closed. It’s the one with the leaning tower. They have a little courtyard right on a canal and this ancient gate was there at an old entrance to board a gondola. I also saw a funeral procession at a nearby church. The coffin, with a bouquet of flowers on top, came out of the church doors lead by a priest in purple to a waiting boat which was loaded with the coffin and then a few family members. It quietly pulled away into the canal heading for the cemetery.

On the day of our departure I got up and looked out the window, cranky because a noise of scraping woke me up. It sounded like someone was scraping barnacles off of a metal boat which I thought rude to be doing at dawn. When I looked out I almost screamed because the courtyard below us was covered in snow. The noise I heard were street cleaners scraping snow and ice off of the bridge below. I went out and got mostly photos of snow on gondolas. It was rather magic.

Along with the snow, there was sun. A very nice way to leave Venice. Back to Paris where there was snow the morning after we arrived as well. We had such a great time.


This and That in Venice

I’m taking photos all over the place. Here are a few:

Jesus and Mary with what look like wigs, especially in Jesus’s case.

I think this is wysteria which must be so photogenic in the Spring. I liked the color of the wall, the window and the shape of the vine.

Chairs but also art.

Not everyone had elaborate, colorful costumes for Carnivale like these funny guys. They walked around insulting people.

I thought this little figure dressed for Carnivale was cute which I saw in a shop window of a place selling paper goods.

Venitian Luxury

This being Italy, you always see beautiful luxury around in clothing, jewlery, furniture and high end stores.

Look at this interior of the Stern Hotel. I wouldn’t mind staying here one day.

We were walking near the Rialto Bridge when we saw a group of Chinese follow someone holding an umbrella aloft enter a door. I could see a large space and we decided to go in and found this huge department store full of luxury items. It looked like a Roman Forum.

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a red escalator before.

And I’ve never seen a food court like this one. That’s a bar in the middle. On another day we went in to have a drink but after waiting for ten minutes with no service we left.

I’ve heard about the Gritti Palace Hotel for years and wanted to look at the lobby which was gorgeous. We decided to have a drink in the bar there too.

A nice place to sit and read.

So does a twenty euro spritz cocktail taste better than our usual one next to our apartment that costs 3.50? Not really but it was sure a nice setting.

As many days were cold while we were in Venice, I saw a lot of women in mink coats like this one. We were sitting in the sun at tables of a cafe and I was freezing to death, especially my feet, but it was too pretty to go inside.