Sunshine and Montmartre

We have been having some wonderful sunny days in Paris and it was in evidence on my last time up at Montmartre.

Sitting in the sun in front of a cafe-so common here. I rarely do this as I sunburn easily, don’t like to get hot and sweaty, and, most of all, there are usually smokers outside.

Take a look at these stairs, very common in Montmartre. They almost look like a ladder. You have to be in good shape to live here.

This is a good place for tea, hot chocolate or lunch. I always meet Americans when I go here. Usually they are expats like me and they always strike up a conversation, something not many French people will do unless you are a pretty girl with a Frenchman at the next table.

I often see the street cleaners just standing around. I know they work but I have many photos of them relaxing.

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