Drink and Read

I had a friend in Paris the other day. I met her through AOL-remember America On Line? It used to be very popular but everyone but, I guess, me has gone over to Yahoo and gmail while I have remained. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Anyway, right after I moved to Paris years ago I went to the now gone Paris Board on AOL and a bunch of the commenters were all coming to Paris so we all met for dinner one evening. Maurice came along because he couldn’t believe that a group of people who had exchanged emails and comments on the Internet were actually going to meet. It doesn’t sound like it would work but it did. I made several friends through AOL and those friendships continue to this day. So when my old AOL pal came to Paris, of course I went to see her. Another lady was with us, a sort of strange lady. I don’t think she will ever read my blog. In any case, as we were drinking wine she asked me if I wanted her to read my fortune in my wine glass. I thought that was only with tea leaves but I said sure. She looked a bit at the wine in my glass and then said that I thought I needed more excitement in my life. She couldn’t be more wrong. I guess that’s what happens when you look for fortunes in wine.

Actually, we stopped for wine twice, and Bistro Vivienne was the second.

A composed shot. This bistro is in the lovely Passage Vivienne.

Afterwards we walked through the Passage past the ancient book store there which has a bust of Victor Hugo in their window.

Victor from a distance. They newly rearranged the window after years of something else.

Books and pigs in another window.

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8 thoughts to “Drink and Read”

  1. I was at that dinner and it was great to meet you and all the others from the board. It was my first night of my first time in Paris. Everyone made me feel so welcomed. It was a great way to begin my visit, thank you.

    1. Wasn’t it fun? I have found that people who travel are always interesting and fun to be with. That was a special time with AOL and it’s a shame they had to change it.

  2. Linda – I learned a long time ago to always be on guard when a woman, especially an unattractive one, volunteers to read another woman’s fortune, do her horoscope etc. – It will invariably be something discouraging. Some time ago I lived in little fishing village in Spain and an English woman, who made a living reading horoscopes, would approach attractive women in the village (who happened to be involved in happy relationships) to read for them for “free” – of course she lived completely alone – and invariably she’d always say stuff like that, and would add at the end, “Your man is going to cheat on you.” What she didn’t count on is that the women she read got together one day in the local cafe, exchanged stories and concluded that she was simply a very unhappy person in her own life, which turned out to be the case.

    1. She was so strange, Gina, that I didn’t take anything she said seriously. She just sort of floated along with us, making conversation now and then, checking her phone for messages.

  3. I relapsed to aol after flirting briefly with gmail. Is your friend Dezi? Please let me know. Of course, we both know Mary. AOL travel boards were the best!! Hoping you will reply…

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