Sail The Ocean Blue

When General Lafayette came to America to help with our Revolutionary War, he came on a ship, the Hermione. A replica has been built in Rochefort, not far from our place on the beach, using the ancient boat building methods as much as possible. Maurice and I made a visit to the site and enjoyed it very much.

The back of the boat which I think is the prettiest.

A longer view.

A lot of ropes all over the place on board. I don’t know how long it takes to learn which each one does.

Look how many ropes there are to work the sails.

Two men high above getting the sails (which were sewn by hand!) in place.

The map showing where the ship will go when it is finished which will be sometime in the Spring next year. There will be 80 people on board. I’d love to see it sail into New York City.

6 thoughts to “Sail The Ocean Blue”

  1. Very interesting and a complex undertaking – to build and to sail.

    Lafayette was wounded in the Battle of the Brandywine, about 5 miles from where I live in PA. He also visited Newtown, CT, where I lived 25 years ago. And we often go to Havre de Grace MD, which got its name when Lafayette commented that it reminded him of Le Havre, France.

    1. I love all of these ties with Lafayette. I assume you know he is buried here in Paris at the Picpus cemetery and that an American flag is always on his grave. There is a ceremony with the American ambassador every July 4th too.

  2. I’d love to see that, and may come to you for more details. I had an ancestor who emigrated from that area to what became the US, probably in a ship much like L’Hermione, and a long-term goal is to see if I can find out more about his early history.

    1. Emm-I’ll tell you all I know. I don’t have any details on when the ship will arrive in America, just Spring so I guess they don’t have dates yet. I love to find out about my ancestors-it’s so interesting.

  3. Interesting! That rigging really is elaborate and looks very complicated to operate. It truly would be fun to see Hermione sail into New York. I can’t imagine crossing the ocean in such a tiny ship but my ancestor did in 1684…I guess he REALLY wanted to get out of England!

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