Somehow, with the recommendation of a friend, I ended up with a gynocologist in the posh area of Paris, near the golden triangle of upscale shopping and the famous George V hotel. My doctor is rather posh too. She always wears beautiful, and I’m sure designer, silk dresses. Her hair is perfect, her jewelry fabulous and she is as thin as a model. She’s never happy with my weight, except for the time I had lost a lot when I got really sick in India, but I get my hormones and feel healthy for another six months. I was early for my appointment with her so I roamed around the neighborhood taking photos.

This little place looked more my speed, a sort of fast food bistro.

The exterior. When I looked in the waiter there handed me the business card.

This is more typical of the restaurants in the area with real cloth table clothes and napkins.

And heat overhead to take off the chill.

A menu posted outside. Looks a bit expensive.

I popped into George V to look at the flowers and there were vases full of these wonderful tulips, huge and double ruffled. I know the flower arranger gets all of his flowers from Holland. I’ve never seen such pretty ones.

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