Roland Garros

Every year Maurice and I try to go see the tennis open at Roland Garros in Paris and we made it for two days again this year. A few weeks before I got to do some behind the scenes interviews and you can find the article I wrote about it on The Good Life in France. Put in a search for Roland Garros if the article isn’t up on the main page. I’m just a real fan of tennis although I haven’t played in years.

A photo of the Suzanne Lenglend court. It got pretty cold when we were there. I came prepared, though, and had a warm hoodie and I found a knit hat in the pocket. I wish I had worn tights under my jeans too. You never know if you are going to be hot and sweaty while broiling in the sun, cold and wet, or just cold.

A look at some of the smaller courts below.

I took this photo to try and show how many people were there on the grounds. It was packed. Such great ambiance.

A statue of Suzanne Lengland there. She was a famous French player.

These men are from the best school in Paris, the Polytechnique. They get fabulous seats and, I assume, free admission. Those hats are something else with many years of tradition behind them.

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  1. My mother would have adored to be there. She was a great fan of tennis as well as other sports.
    Me..the red court would drive my eyeballs nuts!

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