Beach Life

So here is a bit of this and that at the beach. It is so restful and peaceful here.

There’s always sunset watching. The sunsets aren’t very spectacular this time of year, just sort of mellow and pale with a fog bank that usually hides the sun as it sinks into the ocean. We had a very big wind storm the other day with rain showers which leads to clouds that I love in sunsets but, in the end, just a little color developed in the sky. Late summer and fall, we have really great sunsets.

Walks along the beach are common for me. I always looks for perfect shells. Mostly there are oyster shells but, now and then, there are surprises.

Hollyhocks are common here. They are just starting to bloom. I love to see the sun shine through the petals.

There aren’t fields of poppies here as there are in Provence, but riding along on my bike I spot them next to the road. I got down on my knees to get this photo, trying for a different angle. You can see how flat the terrain is with the marsh in the background.

On another topic, President Hollande wants to change the map of France, making it into 14 regions instead of 22. This is to save money by reducing the amount of bureaucracy. It seems like a shame to me-our little region of Poitou Charentes would be absorbed for instance-but Maurice says that the map was changed in the 60s so it isn’t a totally radical new thing. It remains to be seen if it will happen.
On a totally different topic, here is an interesting article on language in the US. It certainly surprised me.

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  1. That is a fascinating article about language in the USA. Being from Southern California, it doesn’t surprise me much. I was curious to find out what “Texas Silesian” was. My grandfather was born and raised in the Silesia region of what is now Poland. He came to the USA in 1910. But he was ethnic German. He never went to Texas however. The “Texas Silesian” group has they own website:

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