My Sunday

We had a beautiful sunny and warm Sunday, a perfect day to be at the beach.

I saw this from our balcony in the morning. It was a photo shoot. I thought it was a woman but found, with the help of binoculars, that it was a man. I’d love to know what it was for.

There was a huge vide grenier (swap meet) on the main street of our village with very few professionals. What did I buy? Some toys for the bathtub for children when they visit. I don’t have room for one more thing in our apartment.

Maurice, being French, of course had to stop for a baguette. They had some beautiful pastry there, like these fruit cakes.

This lady was selling local mussels. We bought some for lunch tomorrow.

A little artistic display of the mussels.

So, really, it was an uneventful Sunday but very satisfying. We are enjoying life here.

4 thoughts to “My Sunday”

    1. Why thank you, dear Emily. What a nice thing to say. I do enjoy life. Of course, it is not all light and joy in my life but I keep those things to my self. Mainly because the exwife of Maurice has been known to read my blog and once informed Maurice’s son of something negative and it got back to Maurice so I censure my self somewhat. I do love my life though.

  1. I thought it was a wedding dress too- I love seeing things like that and wondering forever more what was going on. The mussels look fabulous- French mussels are so delicious.

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