Tea and Tennis

As you might have gathered by previous posts, Maurice and I love watching tennis. Last year we went to the coastal city of Eastbourne, England to watch tennis and enjoyed it so much that we went again this year.

The beach, which is one of those rocky ones called shingle in England, is wide and the tide goes out far. They had some wild flowers planted along the walkway so I had to put poppies in the foreground. There’s a nice pier in the background.

A tennis game underway. It’s grass, as you can see, for the warmup going into Wimbledon. It’s a very small venue and you often see players up close and personal walking around. Some will stop and give autographs, others zoom by as fast as they can so they won’t be bothered.

A little lady sat next to us one day. She and her daughter came ready to eat with sandwiches neatly packed into a container along with hot tea in a thermos. The lady was very talkative and told us that she had been coming here since 1954 and liked it much better than Wimbledon. I wished we had brought some hot tea too as we were really cold. When the clouds came out and the wind started blowing, it was very cold in the stadiums. Of course, when the sun came out, I roasted.

There was on open area where picnics were set up. Maurice and I ate a store bought sandwich sitting there but I admired the people next to us on a plaid blanket with a fancy wicker basket, real plates and champagne in real glasses. The lady wore an elegant dress and her husband a sport jacket-very stylish.

You could take a nap too.

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  1. I just love that first photo with the poppies and the pier. The red poppies are incredible. Looks like you had a lovely outing to the tennis too.

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