After Eastbourne, we decided to spend a day and night in London-always a good idea. London was packed with tourists. There seemed like there were more than in Paris but I don’t think that’s true.

We stayed at the Montague hotel which was wonderfully charming and beautiful. This was their lobby.

I took this photo in our bedroom there because I liked the colors and how Maurice’s pants looked on the couch. My own fashion photo shoot.

We were near the British Museum.

With it’s stunning interior lobby.

A pretty exterior.

Wifi spots around London. They still have the red telephone booths too. I wonder how much longer those will be around since everyone seems to have a cell phone now?

The toilet is a loo here. I remember asking for a restroom years ago and getting a strange look.

Isn’t this a pretty store? It’s called Orla Kiely. She does clothing and interior design items. My daughter in law asked me to go there to get something for her. It’s in the Covent Garden area of London and it’s really a great area to explore, funky and fun.

I made a stop at the Twinings Tea Shop. It’s about as wide as this front, just an alley between shelves of tea. I bought two boxes. It’s not my favorite tea, Mariage Freres is, but they have lots of interesting flavors and it’s fun to go in and explore.

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  1. I haven’t spent very much time in London, so I need to go sometimes, but not at the expense of Paris. Earl and I always say we’ll explore all these places when we live in France. Your hotel looks so British.

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