From Here to There

I am back at our beach place. Several times I have awoken and think I need to get up and check on my grandsons or I think I’m in our Paris apartment. It takes me a few days for my body to figure out where I am each morning.

A sunset in Paris with a bridge over the Seine lit up.

Seen in a Paris florist.

Back to the beach where I saw the sunset in my glass of wine.

This was taken through the window in the waiting room of our doctor. I can actually just ride my bike over when I have an appointment, one of the joys of living here (as long as I don’t fall). I’ve been having trouble hearing from one ear and, as I expected, some ear wax had lodged on my ear drum and hardened. My doctor wouldn’t touch it so I have to go to an ear doctor to have it extracted. I think I may have done this to myself with a cotton tip while cleaning my ears. I guess I will let a little of that hygiene go.

5 thoughts to “From Here to There”

  1. Beautiful pictures, as always.
    Didn’t you know you’re not supposed to put anything in your ear that’s smaller than your elbow? It’s not just an old wives’ tale:
    “Many problems with ear wax result from people using cotton tips in an attempt to remove the wax. But what they actually do is push the wax further into the ears, against the tide of migrating cells, causing it to impact and accumulate. So, to quote the words said by many Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeons, “Do not put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear!”.

    Let nature take its course, or see a doctor instead.”

    1. I know this, of course, just not happy with ear wax in my ear and thought I was being careful. Sad to say, this isn’t my first time. Sigh.

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