Beach Life

This is where a number of people who read my blog stop reading. Life on a beach just can’t compare to Paris. Maybe I will go into my archives of my many photos and start posting them but maybe I will just post about my life as it occurs in real time. Sometimes not much happens here that is worthy of a photo or a blog post but I have a few recent photos.

This way to the beach.

Hollyhocks love blooming by the beach.

Sunsets aren’t usually very spectacular this time of year. Autumn seems the best time for that but this one isn’t too shabby.

8 thoughts to “Beach Life”

  1. I like having a glimpse into a life in France. Paris, of course, is my favorite but I love all of your posts

  2. I’m enjoying your beach life vicariously, as am living too far inland these days. That first picture is simply gorgeous, promising all kinds of adventures.

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