Beach Living

Not too exciting here on the beach when it rains. We just sort of sit in front of our window and sigh and feel bad for the people who have come here for a week of vacation. When the sun comes out there is joy and a rise in energy and we get out to walk or ride our bikes.

I bought the ingredients for the cocktail called a spritz, popular in Italy but I first had it in Croatia. It’s made with Aperol, a sort of bitter orange liquor and proseco, the Italian champagne. It’s very good. I should have garnished it with a green olive or a slice of orange but didn’t have either.

Another photo of one of those runners onto the beach. Blue and white stripes just get me.

The little streets here are lined with lovely homes and always flowers.

Another one.

I love hollyhocks and they love this climate.

They celebrated Bastille Day on Saturday, a sunny day leading into a cool evening. The fireworks didn’t start until 11 PM. We had a front row seat as the fireworks are set off right off the beach in front of us. It was a very nice show and they played Brazilian music as the fireworks exploded to go with the soccer games, one of which was being shown at the same time. I didn’t get to celebrate July 4th so this is a nice substitute.

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  1. It’s lovely to see these photos and I enjoyed the flowers and buildings, and that blue and white striped cloth on the way to the beach – what an interesting and charming object. I’ve never seen such a thing around here! We just trudge across the sand to get to the water. Your drink sounds delicious!

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