And They’re Off!

There is a small hippodrome, or horse race track, on the outskirts of our little city, Chatelaillon. We decided to go have a look the other day. I’ve been to horse races before. In fact, little known fact, my Dad had part ownership in a race horse once. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Sea Biscuit. I remember going to a few races when I was a little girl. I have no idea why my Dad did this. He had seven brothers and I am thinking it is something they did together. They owned a “race car” too, a hot rod. I don’t think either project lasted very long. Anyway, it was fun to find myself at another race track.

A close up look at the track. Notice that the rider is on a little two wheeled cart, a sulky, behind the horse, not on it, very European. The run is called a trotter. The horses can’t gallop just sort of do a very fast walk. There wasn’t a starting gate either.

Good old number 3, Big Bang. I bet and lost two Euros on him.

Here are the horses crossing the finish line.

There was some entertainment between races too. Ancient, local costumes and dances.

That’s some hat on the man. I could swear they played a tune like one I danced to as a girl, Put Your Little Foot. It was a fun day but we didn’t stay for all of the races after losing that two euros.

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