Market Day

It’s always a pleasure to hop on our bikes and head to our market a few blocks away from our apartment. During the summer it gets really large and the street is blocked off for blocks. Food isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing to photograph but I do it anyway.

The cherry season seems to be over but the melons are abundant and are very juicy and sweet.

I hadn’t seen this lady before with her huge pans of creole food. I didn’t get any even though it looked really good as it is usually too spicy for me.

Veggies all lined up.

Potatoes only grown on Ile de Re, a nearby island. They are usually a little pricy and, to tell the truth, I can’t taste the difference between them and the usual potato.

A canine helper in the fresh flower booth. The other day I saw a lady walking her dog-without a leash, something I was never able to master with my dogs-and her cat was also on a walk with them. The cat didn’t look happy or relaxed, just determined not to be left behind.

2 thoughts to “Market Day”

  1. I thought Ile de Re was kind of hoity toity, not a potato-growing kind of place! LOL

    Would the Creole vendor allow you to taste her food to see if you wanted to buy some? Maybe you should take a spoon next week!

    I went to our nearby farmers’ market this morning and got peaches, cantaloupe, heirloom tomatoes (Cherokee Purple and Red Zebra), fresh-baked breads (garlic, honey coconut, and cranberry walnut), blackberries, regular tomatoes, and radishes.

    1. It is a rather upscale place, Ile de Re. The potatoes have an AOC status like some wines and cheeses. I very much doubt if the creole vendor would offer any tastes. It’s not really the French way although a few fruit vendors offers tastes of melons and I’ve seen some plates of little cubes of cheese to taste.

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