A Long Walk

So, the next day I was back to looking for that book for my grandson. It is one of those thick, books of cartoons, this one being of Mickey Mouse being a magician. I got out of the metro at Concorde and checked out WHSmith which does have some books in French but not what I needed. So, for some reason, I decided to walk all the way from Concorde to Blvd. Saint Michel. It was a long walk. I need to buy one of those thingies that you wear on your wrist to keep track of how far you walk. So I headed down Rue de Rivoli.

Saw these pretty lights lined up in front of a hotel.

Saw this across the street in the Tuleries Garden. Wish I had time to ride it.

When I reached the Seine, I found this red replica of the Eiffel Tower made of bistro chairs. I don’t know why, nor why it was painted red but I liked it. In the distance in the rear you can see the real thing.

Paris Plage has started. Beaches, beach chairs, water, bars, all sorts of things have been set up to be a faux beach for those who can’t get to the real thing. I personally think the money to set all of this up could be used for better things but no one asked me. I’ve never done more there than walk around and take photos.

I ended up going to five book stores but never found the Mickey Mouse book so I bought one of Donald Duck. I hope the kids will like it after all of my walking and searching. Plus, I have to lug it, and it’s heavy, to Sardinia. The sacrifices a grandmother makes.

Now, don’t judge me. I bought this at WHSmith. They sell food products from England there along with books. I didn’t know Dr. Pepper was big in England. I bought it because I was tired and wanted some caffeine, it was hot, I was thirsty and because I am from Texas where Dr. Pepper was created. An American in Paris. What can I say?

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  1. I don’t judge you getting a Dr. Pepper. Once when we were in Paris and it was hot and we had walked a long way we found the place that makes blended coffee drinks with the mix they use here (Seattle) – like a frappachino but NOT a St.Arbucks. It was so good when we needed just one taste from home.

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