I’ve always been curious about Sardinia but knew very little about it except that it is Italian. My son and his family have a long stretch of vacation time which they always spend on various beaches. The last two years they have camped on Elba, Corsica and Sardinia and this year we decided to join them for a few days. I don’t do camping. I don’t want to hike to get to the bathroom, wait in line to take a shower, sleep on the ground, that sort of thing, so we stayed in one of the little cabins on the same property where my son camped. The plus was that there was air conditioning. That’s my kind of camping. Sardinia turned out to be be beautiful as I expected, more green and tropical that Corsica-at least the parts we saw-and the water was fantastic. The camp ground turned out to be a huge family place with kids all over the place and a bunch of young staff who provided soccer games, exercises in the pool or the ocean and, at night, from 9:30 to 11:30, music and entertainment-very loud music and commentating and singing done in a microphone set to the highest volume. I guess this is the Italian way. If I wanted to sleep before the music stopped I had to wear earplugs. Everyone seemed to be mostly Italian but we met an Austrian family and a French one. Everyone stares at Jason’s family who, I guess, look German with all of that blond hair but speak English. One man expressed astonishment that they had returned for a second year. My son and his three oldest children speak excellent Italian, as does his wife, so they fit right in although their set up isn’t as fancy as much of that I saw there. Anyway, I had fun with the grandkids and mostly sat under an umbrella on the beach being white and, maybe, with vampire in my heritage.

Some little girls had set up a business there at the camp, selling shells, which I thought was sweet. I bought one of course.

We played some petanque, a game with balls played a lot in France and Italy. Here is Maurice showing the oldest grandson how to put spin on the ball.

This is grandson number four. I wondered what he was doing and it turned out he was making up a song about the ocean.

Almost all of the little girls just wore bottoms which looked sweet. Older women didn’t although I was told you could find German women at the end of the beach sunbathing topless.

I am showing you this photo so you can see that the Italian women didn’t care if they didn’t have flat stomachs or perfect bodies. They still mostly wore two piece or bikinis. I never took off my t-shirt-so American.

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  1. I visited Sardinia a couple of times in the seventies. I remember the water was gorgeous, but very cold compared to the Gulf of Mexico that I was used to. We went on a boat with an acquaintance and a few of her friends, all probably in their thirties. All the women wore bikini bottoms and see through blouses over them. No tops. On the beach at Cannes, during the same trip, most of the women were topless. All ages, from tiny toddlers to what looked to me to be women in their seventies. But the year before, on the beach at Nice, I didn’t notice that. I think that there were a lot more non-Europeans in Nice and most, if not all, of the topless women in Cannes were probably Europeans.

    Anyway, the other thing that made an impression on me in Sardinia is that the food was terrible in the couple of restaurants where we ate. I couldn’t believe it. It never occurred to me that such a thing could even exist as a bad restaurant in Italy.

    In any case, it is a fabulous island, and I do hope to get back to it sometime. Probably not during the trip my sister and I are taking in the fall, tho. Too many other places we want to catch up on first. Maybe next year.

    Sounds like you had a great time, glad you got to enjoy time with your family in such a beautiful place.

  2. That’s my kind of camping! We do the same in Big Sur when we go with our family. I always feel a bit guilty when we retire to our cabin…but only until I have a hot shower and sink into a comfy bed! 🙂

    I love that grandson #4 composed a song about the ocean. I love to hear the sweet voices of little ones when they sing.

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