Beautiful City

I’m so glad we live near beautiful la Rochelle. It’s always a pleasure to go there for any reason and walk the narrow streets, marvel at the architecture, or gaze at the unique harbor, the entrance having a tower on either side. Sometimes we go by car which is a 20 minute drive, sometimes the little local train taking 10 minutes or there is a bus which makes many stops and winds around here and there before finally arriving in the heart of la Rochelle. The last time I took the bus I was seated with a few other people just enjoying the view when two classes of children boarded. There were probably 40 of them. They sat in the available seats and some sat on the floor on the side in the standing area. They were so noisy and full of energy and happiness at their excursion and fun to watch but, oh how nice when they got off. After a day in la Rochelle I boarded the bus again to go home and would you believe that the very same group of kids got on the bus again? What are the chances?

Buildings like this are on just about every corner.

Here’s the entrance to the lovely harbor.

I went into a church to find the sun shining through the stained glass window. Now that summer is just about gone, the sun has come out after days of clouds and the temperatures are rising. This often happens in France in September.

There was a little niche in the church with a small statue of Saint Rita and it was surrounded by little folded pieces of paper with prayers written on them. I’ve seen books laid out before for prayers and requests to Saints or Mary, but never this. I thought it was sweet.

There’s a really great market in la Rochelle too. This building is part of the covered section. There were all sorts of little cafés and bars in the area too. I think I’ll go there for a change next time we need to shop.

I met up with family for lunch and liked the umbrellas reflected in my friend’s sunglasses.

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  1. Excellant photos! La Rochelle looks very interesting – I hope to see it one day. (I saw the statue of a saint in a church in Rome that was piled with “prayer papers.” I’d never seen that before either.)

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