Last Days

Here are some photos of our last days at our beach place before heading back to Paris. Usually we stay until October but this year we are heading to the States. I always miss our apartment when we leave, especially the light and the view of the ocean.

A bride and groom on the path which leads to a fishing house. I was wondering why the photographer had them show their feet. I see photographers and couples all of the time around the beach. The other day there was a very pregnant bride and she was wearing a bikini of sorts. Some of the photos had her in a veil, others just the bikini. It was a chilly day and I bet her teeth were chattering. I wanted to get down to the beach for a photo but didn’t make it in time.

The lovely Cafe de la Paix in la Rochelle. So cool and restful, a feeling of times gone by.

A door knocker on what appeared to be an empty apartment. You can see that the mail slot is stuffed with advertisements. There was grafitti on the door too.

I spotted these mushrooms for sale at a market. Always a sign that Autumn is around the corner.

Another door knocker, more unusual than most.

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