Mostly Bison

Of course, Yellowstone Park is famous for animal sightings and we were lucky enough to see quite a few. I even saw a black bear with three Cubs. I managed one photo but they were far away plus in the shade so I’m not sure if my photo-on my other camera and not yet downloaded-will even come out. We saw a lot of bison but mostly they were either by themselves or there were often two together. As we were leaving the park on the northeast side, we finally saw larger herds.

Here is a bison in its natural habitat.

It later decided to cross the road, stopping traffic of course. The traffic really backed up if a bear was seen.

A little further on a mother came onto the road with her baby. A photo shot into the sun and through my windshield.

A little better shot of the baby after they went off the road.

A bunch of photographers with huge lenses photographing antelope which were amazingly calm and came very near to anyone standing there.

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