Fiery Furnace

We took a really great, but difficult, tour of an area in Arches National Park called the Fiery Furnace led by a park ranger named Anna. She was full of information about the formation of the area and got us up and down some tough places.

The park is full of over 2000 arches. This was a double one called the skull which you have to look at upside down to see where the name came from.

This is Maurice. As you can see, we had to slide down on our fannies to get down. We had to shimmy our way over a crevice too with our feet on one side and our hands on a high wall on the other.

A look at some of the rock columns with a “clock”-can you see it?

Walking along with the rest of the group.

The view at one point. Such a beautiful area.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures and share them with us! You must have been tempted to just forget about that and enjoy what you were seeing.

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