New York City

Here we are at our last stop before heading back to Paris-New York City, one of my favorite places to visit. I often think I could live here if I only had a lot more money.

This is where stayed, an apartment with Air A&B. It was a very nice apartment but with a huge long hall that we could have used for bowling.

I’m in love with the architecture of NYC.

We were lucky to have sunshine on the day we walked around Central Park.

One of the pretty bridges over a lake there.

A carriage horse happily eating some oats.

A fabulous flower arrangement in the Met. We were supposed to meet someone at the MOMA, the modern art museum but somehow I thought they met this museum by mistake.

One evening we needed ip in this bar called Blooms. It was a great place with a long wooden bar, free food to eat with your drinks and, something common in NYC, Irish bar keepers, one of which could have been an actor he was so handsome.

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  1. Long time no comment! But after three years on a study program, I feel the blogging bug coming back on.

    One of my daughters actually lives in Manhattan now and has for over two years! So I have been there a few times recently. LOVED IT.

    Funny, as an American I had never been there when living in the USA. It wasn’t the place to go back in the 80s and 90s, was it?

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