Back in Paris

We have returned to Paris. It seems like we have been gone for months instead of just six weeks. It was nice to get back home to our own bed and things and a TV without Fox News and political commercials. I made a trek to the Marais to meet some friends and got a few photos.

There is a hat maker in the Village St Paul.

An antique shop had this set up outside.

I’m glad we had a sunny day to see Place des Vosges.

Puppy dog in the door of a shop belonging to the shop owner.

I love the lamp posts at the Place des Vosges, prettiest park in Paris.

2 thoughts to “Back in Paris”

  1. Welcome home! I really enjoyed your travel photos, but I know it must feel great to be back home in Paris. I love love love the lamp posts.

    have a nice weekend ~

  2. Yes, I loved your holiday pictures too, you got to some amazing places that I’d never heard of before, with such unique geography. Have you seen the pictures of the poppy installation outside the Tower of London? It too is a wonder. Thanks for your pictures and posts, I enjoy them.

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