I often meet a friend for lunch and several times we have found ourselves at Pain Quotiedien. I love the ambiance of all of them. Maurice and I even found one in New York City when we were there, tired of walking and unable to find a place to eat we happened upon it and happily ate there. Our waiter turned out to be French and married to an American. The meals at this chain are always simple and healthy. My friend and I ate at the one on Rue des Martyrs.

I passed this street on the way there from the metro. Its private with a fence and also a dead end road. I always think it would be a nice road to live on.

This sign was out front, already talking about the new year. Can it really be almost here? All I can say is that 2014 just zoomed by for me.

We sat right by the kitchen where I could see meals being prepared and sent out.

My friend and I shared this tartine dish and added a little olive oil to it. We also had a detox drink with ginger in it. I have no idea if it works but it tasted good.

We didn’t have dessert but I liked the writing on the menu.

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