Sunday in Paris certainly was historic. The last time there were this many people marching in Paris was at the end of WWII at the liberation of Paris. President Hollande and leaders from over 50 countries also marched.

Here is a grainy photo of the TV screen I took showing the beginning of the march.

I live near Nation where the march was to end. Here you can see the crowds gathered there waiting for the over one million marchers to join them. I headed up the street towards Republique where the march began and finally had to turn around and head back to Nation as people poured in. It took a lot of work to make it back to Nation. I finally went home to watch the rest on TV. Hollande and the rest didn’t do the whole march due to, I’m sure, security reasons.

People on the fountain in the middle of Nation.

These signs were everywhere.

Lots of feelings demonstrated. It gives you hope that things will be better now.

A food truck along the way feeding hungry marchers.

Another sign, this one on a news agent stand. I’m glad I was just a very small part of this day.

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  1. How thrilling that you were part of such a momentous outpouring of hope and determination not to be cowed by terrorists. Would that our American leaders had been there as well. We were riveted to CNN. How close to the market in Vincennes was your old apartment?

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