Invalides and More

Friends from Louisiana were visiting and two of them had gone to a Sacred Heart boarding school in Louisiana with a long history connected to France and Madeleine Sophie, now a saint. There is a church just a block from Invalides that has the body of Madeleine Sophie in a beautiful coffin made in Ghent, Brussels and our friends wanted to visit it.

Here she is. My friend said the nuns at her school used to dress like this. Not only did she get an excellent education there, she also became fluent in French, lucky thing.

We made the short walk to Invalides looking pretty against the sky.

The enormous interior courtyard.

The tomb of Napoleon.There was no expense spared for the tomb and Napoleon Bonaparte’s body lies within six separate coffins. They are made of iron, mahogany, two of lead, ebony, and the outer one is red porphyry.

3 thoughts to “Invalides and More”

  1. There are so many fascinating churches and other places to visit in Paris. The saints in coffins can be quite alarming. I haven’t seen Madeleine Sophie, but did see St Vincent de Paul a while ago, it was a moving moment.

  2. I’m always astounded by the sheer size of les Invalides and at Napoleon’s arrogance, but all these years later it certainly makes a beuatiful sight for all the millions of visitors to Paris. Can you just imagine anyone building a tomb like that these days?!! Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutFrance, I hope to see you again next month on March 5th.

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