A friend of mine wanted some perfume by Annick Goutal, a famous Parisian perfume. The tiny little shops always smell fabulous as you might imagine and are always pretty.

There are many fragrances to choose from.

The window display was full of butterflies.

Another look at the interior. I looked up Annick Goutal on Google and found out that she once helped her father in his chocolate shop then went on to be a model. A friend asked her to open a perfume shop with her and Annick designed the bottles and packaging and developed most of the fragrances.

We also went into this perfume shop. Here is what Google said about it: Just after the French Revolution, Pierre François Lubin founded his Perfume House, at rue Sainte Anne in Paris. He provided perfumed ribbons, ball masks and rice powders to the “Incroyables” and “Merveilleuses”. His most famous creation however was the “Eau Vivifiante” later called “Eau de Lubin”. The fragrance soon won him the favour of the Imperial court. And so began Lubin’s renown thanks to Empress Joséphine and Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghèse. When the Bourbon monarchy was restored, the perfumer dedicated his fragrances to Queen Marie-Amélie.

Some mixes of fragrances inside the store. We tried several helped by a very nice man. I think my favourite was one called Gin Fizz and I may go back one of these days and buy some. They have candles too, a weakness of mine. You can find this perfume online, by the way.

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  2. How lovely. Magic in a bottle.

    After years of not wearing any scent, I’ve begun tiptoeing back, starting with a look at my old favorite No. 5. I always liked No. 19, too, but can’t tell if they still make it.

    These look like things to add to the list of places to see in Paris.

  3. I always have loved those Annick Goutal bottles but never have had any of the perfume. I do love visiting perfume houses when in Paris.

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