On a really bitterly cold day with a wind that felt like it came straight from Siberia, I met a friend, Lisa, for lunch. It was so cold we decided to meet inside the St Germain des Pres church so neither one of us would have to stand outside.

It’s one of the oldest churches in Paris and much of it is still painted as you can see by this column.

One of the bishops of the church was from Poland.

After lunch we headed for the bus stop and passed this restaurant. One of these days I’d like to eat here for something special as it is a bit expensive.

Art Nouveau revolving doors lead you to the interior.

Over the door, the name of the restaurant.

There are really beautiful murals on the exterior.

Another look.

A seafood platter if you want. It was so cold that I’m sure they didn’t need the ice.

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  1. Linda, I love everything about this restaurant: the architecture, color, murals. Does it have a zinc bar? I generally prefer Art Deco to Art Nouveau but this is beautiful and charming. I hope you can show us the interior one day.

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