Architecture in Paris

I love roaming around looking at architecture in Paris, as long as it isn’t something from the 60’s or 70’s. It’s art to me. Here are photos of a variety of places in Paris.

Last year a friend and I got the door code to a very unusual courtyard. At the time there was a lot of renovation going on but this time, as you can see, the courtyard was serene and beautiful.

This is what I like about it. I do wonder what the rooms are like in this building-are the walls curved? One day I hope to find out.

Walking down the hill from Montmartre in the 9th arrondissement is this beautiful building which turns out to be the fire station in this area. I wonder what it was before the firemen took it over?

This probably lights up when the fire trucks are coming out for a fire.

Across the street was this lovely theatre.

The happy red of this place caught my eye. There were red blankets on the chairs too in case you get cold.

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  1. Linda, I wonder if you’ve found the excellent book I’m currently reading, Paris Reborn: Napoleon III, Baron Haussmann and the Quest to Build a Modern City. It’s about the reconstruction of Paris during the second empire but it details older buildings and the expansion of the city. It’s by Stephane Kirkland who “holds advanced degrees in architecture and art history” and whose research for this book is very thorough. The writing is detailed without being at all boring. I’ve learned a great deal about the architectural history of Paris by reading it.


    1. Libbie-I think I’ve heard of this book. Since I’m always looking at architecture and taking photos of it, I think it will be right up my alley. Thanks. Linda

  2. Your architecture photos have always been my favorites —for what, 15-20 years now? Is the name of that restaurant “Family Secrets”?

  3. Hi Linda,

    I’ve seen you post photos of chair blankets before. I was just wondering if the French use heat lamps at all for outdoor diners. I’ve been seeing a lot of them here in London, and tons of outdoor patrons, in temps that would not be tempting us to sit outside.

    Also, I’ve been following you online for quite some time now, and was wondering if you would be interested in meeting up when my sister and I come into town next month. We are from Louisiana, and about your age, and we would really love to hear what struck you most about living in France – both as an American and a Southerner.

    I know you are out of town a lot, and April is probably prime beach time. But if it is possible, we would love to buy you coffee and some sinfully delicious pastry to enjoy while we chat.

    If you take a look at, you’ll see us coming!!! Anyway, I love architecture, too, and have been photographing buildings all over London the last few days. Can’t wait to get up close to the ones in Paris.

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