Flowers and Frocks

I went to an exhibit of clothing by the famous Lanvin at the Galleria Museum the other day. Since I exited at the Georges V exit on line one I made my usual quick stop at the George V Hotel for a look at the flowers.

Spring tulips at the George V.

The museum is in a beautiful building as are most museums here in Paris.

Jeanne Lanvin started her career when women wanted copies of the clothing she was making for her daughter. The clothing was beautifully presented mostly in trays and reflected into mirrors. This one wasn’t and I liked seeing it in the painting of a lady who once wore it. Lanvin was also famous for her perfumes, My Sin and Arpege. I think my mother had a bottle of Arpege once.

I also passed the Louis Vuitton store while in the area. I don’t know if they now sell matches inside with the famous logo on them but it’s pretty much all I could afford to buy there.

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  1. Love all your photos and stories. The architectural details are the best!

    My aunt had one of those fox stoles with a head attached. I used to touch it but thought it was CREEPY.

    Great story about the guy with the leopard hat! LOL LOL

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