Ireland 2

Near the beginning of the Ring of Kerry we saw some beautiful things.

This was the Ross Castle. You can only see the interior on a tour which we did. I think it must have been very hard to be a servant then.

Followed by Muckross House. Muckross comes from an old Irish word which means Pig Woods. I’ve seen larger and better decorated castles in England but enjoyed the tour except for three little girls who should have been left outside. I’m getting more and more cranky with misbehaved children.

There were enormous rhododendron bushes on the beautiful grounds.

This was the view from the house. Not too shabby. Queen Victoria once visited here. The lady leading the tour said that during her reign there were 14 assasination attempts on her life. Who knew?

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  1. I thought this interesting (re one of the assassination attempts on Queen Victoria): “Five weeks later, the Queen was attacked again while riding in an open carriage. This time, the would-be assassin was a hunchbacked teenage dwarf armed with a pistol that had been badly loaded with paper and broken pipes. It misfired, and although he initially escaped, he was captured when police simply began rounding up the city’s hunchbacked dwarfs. He received only an 18-month prison sentence.”

    1. Well, truth is stranger than fiction! Do you suppose there was a huge contingent of hunchbacked dwarfs? 🙂

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