On to Dublin

I liked Dublin. It has a sort of industrial, working class air and it was fun to walk around and explore.It doesn’t have the sophistication and glamor of Paris but its own pleasant ambiance. We stayed at a hotel which was almost a dump, the Kildare Street Hotel-avoid it if you are ever in Dublin. I guess my standards have gone up along with my age. We still had a good time. We did the double decker bus tour which is always a good way to see a city.

I’ve never seen seven mimes before, especially totally black. They sat frozen until someone put money in a tin then they would move and smile a bit.

This was Dublin Castle. The day before there had been a huge rally and this courtyard was packed with people celebrating the passage of the Gay Marriage bill which was highly controversial but I think the young people came through and voted it through. There wasn’t a soul there the next day. We saw a lot about it all on the television.

We did a very good tour of the castle. It’s still in use for political functions and, in fact, there was to be one there that night. This was the private chapel there. Very pretty.

We passed the Guinness factory and storehouse on the bus tour but I don’t like beer and Maurice didn’t want to do the tour so we just looked at it as we passed. There was a really long line to get inside. We learned on our castle tour that the symbol of Ireland is the harp, turned to the left. The symbol for Guinness is also a harp but it is turned to the right.

I liked the bright red building.

The Ha’ Penny Bridge. There was a charge of a half penny to use it at one time.The river wasn’t very wide.

A quote by Oscar Wilde, who was thrown in jail for being homosexual and I’m sure he would be stunned and amazed at what happened in Ireland this week.

3 thoughts to “On to Dublin”

  1. i thought those mimes were a statue! I just took a photo and started to move on, because I thought it was such a great statue. Even the dog didn’t move! I did go drop money in the can once I knew they were real, they were one of the best street mimes I’ve seen, and there are plenty in the French Quarter, where I lived for almost a year.

    I was just getting ready to do my own Dublin post. I didn’t make it to Guinness either, and my favorite attraction, the Georgian House Museum, didn’t allow any photos at all. 🙁

    I did enjoy the State Apartments at the Castle, though it’s probably a good thing I saw them before I saw all the magnificence everywhere else. Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed Ireland, and the people are wonderful.

  2. Those mimes fooled me! I thought “Oh, I haven’t seen that sculpture yet” and thought about how well it illustrated your comment about the down to earth nature of Dublin (and Ireland). And then you said it came to life!

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