Giverny is the village where Monet lived with his family and did his famous water lily paintings. I went out there via train and then bus with some ladies and we almost roasted to death as the temperatures hit 90 and above and it was very humid. I could have been in Houston. The next day it went down to the 70’s, our bad luck, but it was still beautiful.

We went into the nearby Impressionist’s Museum first. No photos allowed which I found out after I took this one. It was nice to visit and they were having an exhibit of a lot of Degas took.

The pond where he did so many of his paintings. He loved light and how it changed.

The pond with a some flowers in the foreground.

Loved the shape and color of these flowers.

A water lily without its pad with cloud reflections.

A view with a willow tree.

The famous curved Japanese bridge. You can’t get a photo without people in it. Years ago I came here with friends. We arrived just as it opened and I rushed them to the bridge for photos before the tour buses and groups of people arrived. We arrived this time in the afternoon and it was packed, like the Louvre.

The more formal gardens which were lush with flowers and bushes.

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  1. You can see why Monet felt compelled to paint so many versions of this garden – how lovely. I hope I get there next time I visit France.

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