Monet’s Home

I love Monet’s home there in Giverny. It’s not huge or sophisticated, but warm and inviting.

The house as seen from the garden.

This room was new to me from my last visit. The walls were covered with replicas of his paintings and I believe he painted in here.

Here was the window giving great light for painting.

A photo of Monet himself.

A view from upstairs overlooking the garden.

The fireplace in the dining room. Lots of blue and yellow in the house and many Japanese prints and etchings.

The kitchen.

4 thoughts to “Monet’s Home”

  1. Love those copper pots but would hate having to keep them sparkling. They look especially pretty against the blue and white tile. Garden-wise, looks like a great time to visit Giverney.

  2. I was surprised at the really bright color of those shutters. Kind of an odd shade of green. I have some of the same photos that you do


  3. Your photo through the window to the garden looks like a Monet painting!! I too loved his house, so unpretentious and warm and beautiful. Yes, looks like you were there at a good time of year, even tho it was so busy.

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