Beach Life

    There are some days, here at the beach, when I do little more than cook meals, eat and look at the view but I try to get out and at least walk a bit.

    This heavily edited photo was taken from our balcony. Maurice and I took four lessons on a hobbycat one week. I was at the front of the boat in charge of the small jib sail. I’ve never done any sailing and the first day Maurice hand to say left or right so I would know which rope to pull. I finally understood what was going on and could do my job when we changed directions. Two days it was very windy and there were pretty big waves and one of the boats in our group actually turned over but we never did that although we came close a couple of times. The first day Maurice got on the boat and grabbed his back in pain and spent the rest of the lesson on his knees. At the end of the lesson his knees looked like hamburger. In the end we enjoyed it all but I’m not sure if we will ever rent a sail boat.

    When the tide is high and there is no wind, the water can be as smooth as a lake.

    Big blue sky with some of that smooth water.

    The view from my couch one evening after the sun has set. So peaceful.

2 thoughts to “Beach Life”

  1. It looks heavenly – the edited photo is like a watercolor. Love the vivid colors.

    Good for you, taking the sailing course. I would need Left and Right, too! Your poor hubby’s knees – oy!

    The simple life you describe at the start sounds ideal to me. Heavenly.

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