This and That on the Beach

Not too much exciting here at our beach place now that Bastille Day is over but I have a few photos of various things.

A sail boat in the sun.

A sunset from our terrace.

I am always drawn to blue and white stripes. Why is that?

Beach shower.

We have company for the next few days and I decided to make a salad plate similar to the one I had at Rose Bakery in Paris. I had potato salad, white bean and pepper salad, taboule, lettuce salad, eggs, avocado, some grilled veggies with a yogurt drssing and some grilled shrimp. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. Very healthy

5 thoughts to “This and That on the Beach”

  1. Aaaahhh that salad looks soooooooooooo outstanding!

    Always love your photos and your take on colour and shapes. The blue & white stripes are gorgeous. A few years ago (?) you posted a few photos showing orange and silver together and ever since then I have loved that combination when I see it 🙂

    Cheers from rather warm Paris and enjoy the beach!

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