Île de Ré

We had company recently and we took them the Île de Ré the first day. It is always charming to visitors and they start asking themselves if they might buy a place here.

Bicycles and hollyhocks abound.

A fabulous market is at la Flotte. Here you can see a man tasting a cherry before buying. I’m pretty sure the vendors don’t like this.

A glimpse of the sea through a doorway.

I love taking a look at the lobbies of hotels.

3 thoughts to “ÃŽle de Ré”

  1. Love hollyhocks – plentiful here on Canada’s prairies as well – especially in the older house gardens.
    In the memoirs of France I’ve been reading for Paris in July, sampling the fruit is normal and expected of shoppers by the vendors. So no worries there! Sample 1st, then enJoy your purchase 🙂

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