A Bit More

A few more photos taken about the Marais, another this and that, here and there theme.

I came upon a Birkenstock store. I tried to wear them years before but they just killed my feet. The fake fur lining caught my eye.

There are quite a few vintage stores around the Marais. I have ventured into a few of them but have never found anything that I want to buy.

Like in the States, cauliflower is huge. These were in the window of a sort of gourmet falafel place which is very good.

A crepe place. All of the serving ladies inside are Japanese so I assume this is owned by Japanese. The crepes are tasty.

It’s the time of year for Mont d’Or cheese which you spike with garlic and white wine, bake until melted and serve with ham and potatoes. Fabulous.

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  1. Fuzzy Birkies? LOL
    They do make your feet hurt the first time you were them, but that’s because they’re supposed to get your feet properly (re)aligned.

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