How Parisians Live

I don’t really know how a lot of Parisians live, just a few, but I have some photos of a couple of apartments where we were recently and always find decorating fascinating so here are a few photos.

Lots of color here.

Fireplace. You can see the heavily decorated wall in the reflection.

A corner I liked.

This was another apartment. Many older, larger apartments have beautiful ceilings with molded elements like this. This French couple did continue in this vein in their decorations. They preserved the ceilings but their apartment was full of very sleek and modern furniture.

Beautiful handle on a window.

We ate in the very modern kitchen at this lovely table.

This was downstairs in the entry with a mirror reflecting the floor beneath. I couldn’t figure out a way to get myself out of the photo.

We had camomile tea and this saying was on the back of the tea bag package, saying something like sleeping with four ears which means to sleep really well, the usual saying being sleeping with two ears, the opposite of sleeping with one eye open. I’d never heard it before.

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