Rialto Market

Next to the arched, famous Rialto bridge in Venice you will find a huge market operating every day. Some of it is in a covered building, some in shops, some in outdoor malls. It was great to walk around looking at the offerings. We bought some things too to cook at our apartment.

A look at part of the covered market where a lot of fish was for sale.

Artichoke bottoms ready to cook.

These little artichoke hearts were ready to cook too. I’ve seen recipes using them before but they are very labor intensive to get to this state. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them ready to go in Paris.

Octopus if you are interested. Too rubbery for me.

After the market, we stopped at a little place and had, what else, a spritz, while standing outside. Luckily, it was a beautiful day.

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