Mexican Food in Paris!

You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few places selling Mexican food in Paris. Not all of them are good although most have really striking Mexican interiors with lots of colors. I mostly save my Mexican food cravings for trips back to the States but I do try places here if I hear that they are good which was the case with Cafe Chilango. It’s not Tex-Mex but there are home made tortillas (soft) and very good fillings. My only complaint is the lack of salsa. A hot sauce in a bottle just doesn’t do it for me. No margaritas at lunch time either.

The simple front.

We started with guacamole.

Followed by the tacos, chicken and pork fillings. Very good.

Some Mexican decor.

I liked this too.

4 thoughts to “Mexican Food in Paris!”

  1. JEALOUS. The only Mexican food around here is what I make (using ingredients brought back from Mexican groceries in the U.S.). Oh for some freshly made corn tortillas. Real refritos. Enchiladas. Carnitas. Even loaded nachos.
    I do love French food, but my first job was waiting tables in a little Mexican restaurant in my hometown’s Little Mexico. I never got tired of the food, and I ate a LOT of it.

  2. Now that’s some fancy guacamole! Mexican food is my favorite, and I crave it at least once a week. That metal cut-out of 3 skulls is interesting.

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